Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vibhuti miracles on Baba's chair

Jalarambapa, Shirdi Saibaba, Sathya Saibaba covered in Vibhuti.
Vibhuti miracles on Baba's chair materialised during 1990 at Sai Sruti. Currently preserved under glass.
Vibhuti miracles on Baba's chair. Full view of the chair preserved under glass at Sai Sruti.
Vibhuti miracles on Baba's chair in 1990 preserved at Sai Sruti.
Vibhuti materialised by Baba on his second chair in the form of 9 coins representing nine types of Devotion. This was materialised on 22nd of May 2006, the 18th Anniversary of Sai Sruti Temple. You may know that Shirdi Sai gave 9 coins to Laxmibai before he left his body in appreciation of her devotion.

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