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Miracle in Shirdi on 5 Jan 2012

Miracle in Shirdi on 5th Jan 2012


A Miracle occurred in Shirdi on the night of Thursday 05th Jan`2012.
Right after Baba’s Shej Aarti got over, an image of Sai Baba’s face appeared on the wall of Dwarkamai.
Very distinctly seen, the face of Sai Baba appeared on the Nimbar (Niche) which is on the western wall of Dwarkamai.
The Shri Sai Satcharitra relates that it was here that Baba used to have his midday meal,
sitting behind a curtain with his back to the Nimbar, and a row of devotees on either side of him.
This is also the place where Baba would sleep with his head pointing towards the Nimbar.
Sai Baba also occasionally did his Namaz (ritual prayers) here.
This Nimbar also has a set of lamps placed by Baba in-front of it.
As this news spread, people from all over started rushing to Shirdi to be blessed by this miracle of Baba.
And slowly the crowds grew in such numbers that Shirdi Sansthan’s Security guards also found it difficult to control them.
Chanting the name of Sai Baba, the inside & outside of Dwarkamai was flooded with devotees, all trying to get a glimpse of Baba’s Image.
Om Sai Ram – Om Sai Ram – Om Sai Ram 
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