Sunday, June 16, 2013

Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba – Part 1

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Sai sister Sairoopa ji has shared few experiences of her friend with Shirdi Sai Baba and they are in turn shared with you all in this post.
Dear Hetalji, I am a regular reader of your blog and it really draw more close to Saibaba and boost up my energy to face hurdle of life.
There are couple of experiences which make me feel Saibaba presence in my life out of which I would like to share Saibaba’s miracle which happened to my friend.
My friend Shruti & me are best friends since 25 years now. She got married at the age of 20 and gone through many problems. Her marriage has gone through a rough path and when her son was 5 years old she walked out of her husband’s place along with her son. Life never seems to be easy for her as she didn’t have job some how she completed a beautician course with the help of her parents & started working in a parlour but income was too less to serve her needs.
She was totally into depression and lot of things happened that she couldn’t recover herself. She started facing lot of health problems. Out of which one problem was her right side hand was started shivering because of this she has to stop her beautician job. She tried lot of medicines changed doctors but no use. Later her whole right side body was not in control. She cant stand, sit and cant go alone anywhere. I was in middle east when her health problems increased to this level.
My last vacation I rushed to her house. Oh God what a painful sight it was! I couldn’t recognize my friend though I controlled tears started rolling down my cheeks. She was so beautiful and now she drastically lost weight and her beautiful long hair was cut short till shoulders as she cant comb her hair and she can not walk! She is just 30 years old and i felt its too early to get such sickness! Her mom told me with tears in her eyes that they tried all sorts of medicine from last 3 years but no use may be because her husband’s family did some black magic on her hence medicines not working on her body. Now even doctors have left hope. I was left unspoken.. looking at her 8 years old son and I wish I could do something for her.
Whole night I couldn’t sleep thinking about her. Morning I got up and prayed Saibaba to help Shruti and make her normal as before. In the evening I went to her I took “Saicharita” along with me. I spent some time with her and when I was departing I hugged her and gave Saicharita saying that “Keep firm faith in Saibaba and read this book”. Before leaving to middle east I couldn’t meet her but I spoke to her over the phone and she said she started reading “Saicharita”.
I came back from vacation joined my work and whenever I speak to my mom I used to ask about Shruti. After a month or so one day my mom saw Shruti in the bus and she was so surprised to see her healthy. Shruti told my mom that she is fine and she can go out alone now. When my mom told me this I was so very happy immediately I called shruti and “there she is” speaking clearly and she was sounding so happy. I was so eager to know how this miracle happened. Her mom explained as Shruti started reading Saicharita some one suggested a Neurosurgeon’s name though they didn’t have a hope her parents decided to go to him. After the check up he said this is side effect of some medicine which making her nerves weak as a result she is not able to walk and sit (when she was 12 she took medicine for elephant leg disease).
On other end of phone her mom and she couldn’t stop praising Saibaba and this side i had a pleased smile on my face. I thanked Shree Sai and I too truly believe that merciful Saibaba helped my best friend. He saved her life. Now she reading Saicharita everyday.
Sairam ! Please be with us, Please be kind to us & lead us in right path always.