Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shri Sai Satcharitra – Sai Devotee Isha

Sai Sister Isha Ji from India says: I hail from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. While browsing internet looking for reading material on Sai Baba, I came across your blog and so thought of sharing my experience. I would like to share my experience of Sai Baba’s blessing in my life and I am very thankful that I got this platform of yours in the form of this blog that I am sharing this with the devotees scattered far and wide.

Actually I used to believe in Baba earlier also in my life, but I never got so connected with Him. Reason being may be that I was too small to experience His divine presence or may be as is always said that when once you are in your bad phase of life, it is only then that you call to Baba to take you out of the problem.

It was since more than 6 months (since August 2012) that I was having this severe health problem (vertigo) as I used to feel imbalance in walking and the problem increased to such an extent that it started hindering my daily activities. I tried every possible medicine, but it was of no use. The doctors said may be it is because of high blood pressure, some said due to spondylitis, some said that it was hormonal, but nobody could exactly tell the cause. I even got my brain ct scan done, but that also came normal. But this problem still remained and I got totally disheartened and very discouraged and sad that why is it that I am unable to get rid of all this.

It was one day in the month of February 2013 that I just thought of reading Sai Satcharitra, so that I was able to keep myself busy as I had nothing much to do after my husband left for office and I had also left my job after my marriage. Meanwhile all this time, I also used to pray to Baba. But the moment I started the first reading of the book, I started experiencing miracles. Though people may regard them to be very trivial, but for me that was a very big thing and I started getting answers to my problems and whatever questions that came in mind. Above all I started feeling better.

One such miracle was that I used to very often go for a casual drive at night with my husband and for constantly 3 or 4 months, I used to see one small temple on the side of the road, where people used to do pooja and I used to wonder that which temple is this that so many people come at this time of the day. I was still reading my Satcharitra. It was Thursday and my husband asked if I was keen on going for a drive that day. So I said that I am not feeling like going today, but on his insistence we went and to my surprise on passing in front of that temple this time, I was able to see that it was Sai Baba’s temple. All these days, I passed in front of that temple, but I could not make out that, which deity is worshipped. But this time, I was able to see that it was Baba’s.

We quickly parked our car and did Darshan. I don’t know why but I felt so much satisfied and relieved. And as I was about to return, to my surprise, I saw an old man, who was also standing there and staring at me when initially I had come and got out from my car for Darshan. This time he came forward to me and extended his hand for alms and I quickly gave some money to him and bowed to him in my mind. Because I don’t know, but he somehow resembled to me just like Baba, as he was clad in white robe, his head was also covered with white cloth, he was carrying one stick in his hand, had white beard and his eyes looked so bright with light. I had goose bumps all over and when I sat in my car for our return, tears started overflowing my eyes and I cried and cried feeling so much satisfied and that feeling I cannot express in words.

From that day I started feeling better, my vertigo problem also started diminishing. Since that day I made up my mind that I will always try to follow Baba’s teachings. Although it is very difficult to follow in strict discipline, but still I will always try my best and wish to enjoy Baba’s blessing every moment forever. OM SAI RAM.

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